Why Pelvic Balls®?


The design of Pelvic Balls® allows a hit to the pelvic walls to be same, no matter which weight we are using, thanks to its different weights, but same size of inner balls.

Innovative design, that allows to open the ABS ball and insert different weights with 100% safe fastening.

Ergonomic design of silicone strip is perfect for insertion without any difficulties.

Allows 4 rehabilitation levels, what makes them suitable for any type of woman.




There are two types of benefits while wearing the Chinese balls at both healthy and sexual levels.

  • Avoid Urinary incontinence: 1 in 4 women has urinary incontinence problems no matter the age. Using the Pelvic Balls you can prevent or solve this problem.
  • Prevention of Pelvic Organ Prolapses: There are different types and degrees of prolapses, but they all are caused by the detachment of some intimate area. It is very important to prevent them.
  • More intense orgasms: After certain period of using the Pelvic Balls you will have more lasting and, above all more pleasant ones.
  • Pelvic floor reinforcement: There are different reasons why to strengthen pelvic floor, among which we can highlight keeping the vagina young and prevent different types of problems and diseases.
  • After a natural delivery a Pelvic floor is quite affected. Using the Pelvic Balls we can have painless recovery without any difficulties.
  • Total control of the vagina: After certain period of using the Pelvic Balls, you achieve easy vaginal contractions and dilatation whenever you want.




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